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meet Jim

Morbidly obese at 430 pounds, Jim Trick was trapped in a life, body, and mindset from which he thought there was no escape.


Now over 220 pounds lighter, Trick has devoted his life to empowering individuals, companies, and organizations, to change what’s possible.


Through his extensive work with Banding People Together, Jim has impacted the way companies such as ESPN, SunTrust, NASA, Focus Brands, Cisco, Universal Health Services, Wentworth Douglas and National Vision empower their employees to step into the best version of themselves when working with others.


Jim speaks annually to graduating seniors at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music and has for years toured as a professional, performing songwriter.


He uses his rock star skills to engage all audiences and sometimes even strategically includes original, live music in keynotes and workshops


We’ve all heard people say “I know what to do, but I don’t do it.” Jim eradicates that statement and provides a powerful, fresh, effective methodology for change. Because we all deserve to live a life we don’t want to escape from.

Jim's coaching methodology is Co-Active, and he was trained by the prestigious Coach Training Institute, at which time he was certified by the International Coaching Federation.

With a proven methodology for overcoming the challenge of change and the swagger of a rockstar, Jim is able to instantly connect with and captivate audiences across a broad spectrum. This done always, in service of his client's unique ROI.


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