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Jim’s core topic is overcoming the challenge of change.


Companies, organizations and individuals often make strategic plans, set goals and get excited, only to eventually fizzle out.


Jim’s captivating, high energy keynote presentations call on participants to change the way they think about change while providing fresh, powerful tools and the motivation to actually apply them.


In a shockingly short amount of time, participants will:


  • Stop saying “I know what to do, but I don’t do it”

  • Discover and apply a set of personal core values

  • Learn how to direct their feelings without being a slave to them

  • Understand the difference between motivation and inspiration

  • Finally be able to make and keep commitments in service of your unique ROI

Talks & Topics

Change What's Possible!

This core talk crosses a broad spectrum of industries and organizations. It can be adapted and customized for length and content.

A Crash Course in World Domination

This sales focused talk is designed to not only energize sales teams but to,  turn them into the 'force' they long to be.

Becoming Contagious

At the tender age of 13, Jim and his mother watched as his dad suffered a massive brain stem stroke in a Boston train station.


This experience combined with a life of morbid obesity make this presentation the perfect choice for healthcare audiences.

Custom Keynotes


Need an inspirational keynote tailored to your company or organization's unique needs? Your desired ROI combined with Jim’s adaptable content will result in an unforgettable presentation.

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